What's new?


WIDI 4.0:


New Recognition Features:
New general purpose Euclid Recognition Algorithm is developed that works substantially better that previous algorithms.
New Drum Recognition Algorithm devoted to recognition of drum tracks as well as to extraction of drum score from a complex recording is created.
Now WIDI can analyse Tonality of a musical piece, no matter if it is MIDI or a Wave file (after recognition), suggesting most probable variants for your final decision.
New Tuning determination not only allows to find exact degree of instrument detuning (compared to the standard European Scale) over the whole piece, but also serves as aid to the recognition algorithms.
Equalizer feature was greatly enhanced.  Now you can use scale mask together with pitch mask. Several common scales are supported, and the scale can be applied according to the automatically determined key-note.
Pro version only New Score Viewer allows easy visualization of recognition results:
Choose any combination of tracks to view as score.
The Viewer is synchronized to the piano-roll editor - you can edit exactly notes you are looking at.
Different visualization modes for different tasks - bars and durations effects can be switched on or off.
Pro version only Many enhancements for the TrueTone Editor:
MIDI Recording feature allows you to record anything with MIDI keyboard while hearing to either MIDI or Audio tracks.
Cursor Ruler shows note alignment and aids in distinguishing true notes from harmonics.
Additional Note Info indicates note key and velocity right near every note.
Smart composition end was implemented - no more need to manually change piece size.
WNE files are now saved as XML for better compatibility with future versions.
New Visualization in Realtime module was added.
Language Manager greatly simplifies WIDI translation to other languages.
Batch Conversion allows to convert many files at once for later examination or editing.
Windows Vista is now supported.
A bunch of smaller improvements you will notice working with WIDI.


WIDI 3.3:


WMA file format is now supported (requires Windows Media Player).
Algorithms - velocity range (dynamics) and velocity cut-off value adjustments are added to Recognition Settings.
TrueTone Editor (WIDI Professional only) has been enhanced:
Use Play Tool for playing notes under cursor
Quantization & Align actions are added
Tapping delay calibration is introduced
Increase/decrease Volume for selected notes
Move bars freely - placing restrictions are removed
Thick Notes border mode is added.
Trial version expires in 20 days.
Minor changes in user interface are performed.
GS files are no longer supported.


WIDI 3.2:


A new interface with highly versatile settings has been developed.
A Recognition Wizard has been added which lets you get your first results just a few moments after initial start-up, and familiarizes you with the program at the same time.
WIDI is now able to work with stereo-recordings – to display them in the Audio window, and also recognize channels individually and in various combinations.
The MIDI window now lets you transpose MIDI files and to replace the musical instrument you are using with another one.
A new version of TrueTone Editor has been created (WIDI Professional only), with the following upgrades:
A Multiple Selection function now exists, buffer operations are possible, the number of playback modes has been increased, and a Redo function has been added.
New tools have been added to the Editor - Note Map and Track Editor, which allow you to work with tracks individually and to display tracks in different colors.
The capacity to divide MIDI compositions into bars has been added. Bar-line arrangement may be conducted by ear, with the help of the Tapping tool, or in manual mode. You can create MIDI files with the correct bar-line arrangement, which significantly improves note readability.
Setup files are now supported in the Recognition Settings dialog and other dialogs. You can use different setup algorithms appropriate for different situations, and also save effective settings of your own.
The bug with CD Audio reading is fixed.
Now you can save up to 10 seconds of MIDI with the trial version.


WIDI 3.0:


We are now releasing two new versions: WIDI Recognition System Standard and WIDI Recognition System Professional. The only difference between the two is that WIDI Recognition System Professional has a unique feature "TrueTone Editor (tm)"
New Realtime Conversion module added (the program can detect notes played by any instrument in real-time and play it synchronously or store as MIDI command).
New TrueTone Editor(tm) (only for the Professional version) developed. This TrueTone Editor is a unique feature, which simplifies the process of correcting possible mistakes of automatic recognition.
The program's interface has been changed for your convenience
New algorithms have been added.
Several bug fixes.
DOS, console and OS/2 versions are not supported any more.

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