Scale Mask Tab

See Setting Equalizer for common recommendations on how to choose Equalizer settings.



Scale Mask tab allows to set up the mask, that is applied over Pitch mask. It's purpose is to remove all notes that appears rarely in a particular selected tonality.


Mask area allows to set up relative volumes of different degrees in scale. Left-click on the area adjusts corresponding bar heights.

Apply Scale Mask list allows to select one of the pre-defined masks. Chromatic mask applies flat mask that is equivalent of not using Scale Mask at all.

Key selects the first degree to apply the mask from. Result degrees are displayed with bold above the mask area, M for major tonalities and m for minor ones. Masks for minor and major tonalities are shifted against each other so that you can see parallel tonality values immediately.


Use Recognized Key allows to get tonality information from Composition Analysis algorithm instead of using that set manually by the user.


Note: Use recognized key checkbox does not control whether the tonality analysis will be actually performed. If no tonality is detected automatically, Use recognized key control does not take any effect. To turn on tonality analysis, use a checkbox in the MIDI Options tab of Recognition Settings dialog. Note that setting Use recognized key and turning on tonality analysis will force WIDI to perform recognition twice - first time to determine the tonality and then second time to produce actual notes. See How WIDI Works for more comprehensive description.

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