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MP3 to MIDI converter MP3 to midi, WAVE to MIDI
New in WIDI 4.1:

Windows 7 compatibility.
Precise off-beats arrangement, allows following tempo nuances carefully.
New bar metronome feature makes possible to follow rhythm by ear.

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WIDI Recognition System is a complete solution for automated and computer assisted music transcription. WIDI takes musical audio in mp3, wave, CD-Track or other formats as input and produces scores as output. The result scores can be saved as MIDI sequences. WIDI can be useful for amateur and professional musicians, musical teachers, musical archive maintainers and anybody who is interested in making or analyzing music. WIDI Recognition System is available in several editions:

WIDI Standard for Windows and Mac OS X 10.5
WIDI Recognition System Standard WIDI Recognition System Standard for Mac OS X
  • Newest automated transcription algorithms, including drum detection feature.
  • Real-time recognition module and Composition Analysis tool.
  • Recognition Wizard guiding the procedure of music transcription.
  • Batch convert tool for transcribing multiple files with one click.
  • Language Manager capable of switching between languages (Windows only).
WIDI Recognition System Professional for Windows
WIDI Recognition System Professional

WIDI Professional additionally includes unique TrueTone Editor for correction of transcription result.
  • Piano roll MIDI editor with visual comparison of audio spectra to MIDI notes.
  • Notes can be viewed as score while editing with Score Viewer.
  • Bar arrangement is done manually or by tapping strong beats.
  • MIDI playback or recording synchronously to Audio playback.
  • Many other features specially designed for computer assisted transcription.
WIDI allows you to:
  • Get scores from audio musical recordings for printing or performing.
  • Create new arrangements for recorded music, change musical instruments and extract musical lines.
  • Perform musical training.
  • Perform transcription on the fly, controlling a synthesizer with "analog" instrument or singing.
  • Transcribe drum tracks.
  • Analyze tonality and tuning of any audio musical record or MIDI piece.
  • Create exclusive MIDI ringtones for your mobile phone.
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