WIDI Audio To MIDI Audio Unit

Audio Unit for polyphonic Automated Music Transcription
version 1.30 for MAC OS X

  1. What is new
  2. Introduction
  3. Features
  4. Description
  5. System Requirements
  6. Installation
  7. License
  8. Other things

Copyright WIDISOFT, 1998-2017

1. What is new

Version 1.30:
- 64-bit version as well as 32-bit is available.
- MIDI Output using built-in Apple Synthesizer is available.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 1.20:
- All Program Change MIDI messages can be disabled
- Many bugs and compatibility issues were fixed
- First commercial version

Version 0.96:
- Beta version

2. Introduction

WIDI Audio To MIDI Audio Unit allows to recognize polyphonic Audio tracks into MIDI data.
With WIDI AU you can: More information about Audio to MIDI Conversion and complete list of features are available in the help file.

WIDI Audio To MIDI AU utilizes Audio Unit technology, and can be used with almost any host supporting Audio Units, such as Logic Pro, GarageBand, Ableton Live, Digital Performer and others. WIDI AU cannot be used as a stand-alone application, there is other software from WIDISOFT that does Audio To MIDI conversion directly.

WIDI Audio To MIDI AU is available for Mac OS X (Power PC).

3. Features

4. Description

WIDI Audio To MIDI Audio Unit is a realtime Audio to MIDI conversion plugin for Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and other audio applications supporting Audio Units. The plugin receives input from an audio channel and performs realtime music recognition. Resulting MIDI events are then sent to the MIDI Device, MIDI Loopback or to the MIDI File. Detected notes as well as signal spectrum are displayed in the plugin window. Polyphony and sensitivity of recognition algorithm can be set up to obtain better recognition quality. The velocity of output notes is constant and can be controlled with a slider.

See included help file for detailed usage reference.

5. System Requirements

WIDI Audio To MIDI Audio Unit requires the following:
Processor Intel Core or higher
Physical memory 256 Mb or more
Drive space 10 Mb
Operating system Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
Required software Mac OS X audio application supporting Audio Units - GarageBand, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, etc.

6. Installation

To install, open widi_audio2midi_au.dmg in Finder and and copy the plugin to the Components folder shortcut. You may need to use your administrator password.

Detailed instruction for a few popular Audio Unit hosts are available on our site:

To uninstall, remove widi_audio2midi_u.component from your /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components directory.

7. License

WIDI Audio Unit is a "try-before-buy" software. In the unregistered version, MIDI output is muted for 15 seconds every 15 seconds.

See license.txt for details.

7. Other things

Please, inform us about bugs and your ideas on how to improve the Plugin. Feedback form is located here

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You can find the recent versions at: www.widisoft.com
General Info: info@widisoft.com
Support & Feedback: support@widisoft.com

WIDISOFT 1998-2017

Audio Unit is an audio plugin technology by Apple Computers, Inc.