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TrueTone™ Editor
is a part of
WIDI Recognition System Professional

By developing our software we aim at providing useful tools for music transcription and creating accurate and readable scores. TrueTone Editor does what math transcription algorithms still cannot do.

TrueTone™ features:
  • Visualization of both audio recording spectral peaks and MIDI notes for comparison
  • Synchronous playback of original audio recording and transcribed MIDI notes
  • Precise time positioning of bar-lines for displaying correct note durations without losing tempo nuances
  • Tapping tool for bar-line arrangement by ear
  • Score viewer synchronized with editing area.
  • Group selection of notes based on complex criteria with Note Filter
  • MIDI file saving without losing original tempo variations and bar positions
  • Composition analysis module for detecting tonality of any MIDI piece
TrueTone™ editor

TrueTone™ is a special MIDI editor designed for efficient correction of automatic recognition results.

TrueTone editor is a part of WIDI Recognition System Professional. It enables you to quickly and efficiently correct the results of automatic recognition and get an accurate music score.
The design of the Editor is a kind of Piano Roll, i.e. the time axis is positioned horizontally, and different points on the vertical line correspond to different pitches. Piano keyboard drawn on the left shows the correspondence between vertical position and a particular pitch.

The Editing Area combines together spectrogram of original audio and recognized MIDI notes. This outstanding feature enables visual comparison of spectrogram peaks (denoted by color) and notes. Since maximal values on the spectrogram usually correspond to musical notes (or overtones), this scheme is very convenient for editing and efficient recognition error correction. TrueTone also provides a way to compare audio and MIDI by ear with the synchronous playback feature. TrueTone allows selecting notes for synchronous playback, focusing only on a certain part.

TrueTone Editor includes many features that are typical for most piano-roll editors: adding and deleting notes, changing velocity, instrument, track number and other parameters for single note or for selected group of notes. Note Filter enables group note selection upon any complex criteria on pitch, time, durations etc. Note Filter simplifies operations of assigning instruments to different parts as well as removal of extra notes. Undo and Redo functions with unlimited number of steps make editing more comfortable.

Note Map makes navigation through long files easy. The whole piece is displayed along with the part currently visible in Editing area. With a single click you can jump to any part of the piece. TrueTone allows jumping to the first or last selected note or automatic movement of the visible area while performing undo/redo operations.

Score Viewer shows MIDI score preview synchronized to the piano roll area. While editing notes you can see changes in the score immediately. Score Viewer can be limited to display selected tracks only.

Another unique feature of TrueTone editor is an ability to
set bar-lines to arbitrary positions without moving notes itself. This cleans up the score and assigns correct note values. Change Tempo commands are used to reflect bar-line adjustments when writing MIDI files, and most score editors are able to retrieve this information on MIDI import. TrueTone allows arranging bar-lines either manually with a mouse or by ear using the Tapping Tool.

An example of the TrueTone editor usage is contained in the step-by-step tutorial for WIDI Recognition System.
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TrueTone Editor is an optimal tool for editing polyphonic WAVE to MIDI and MP3 to MIDI conversion result