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WIDI Recognition System

WIDI Recognition System is a complete solution for automated and computer-assisted music transcription. WIDI takes musical audio in mp3, wave or other formats as input and produces scores as output. The result scores can be saved as MIDI sequences. WIDI can be useful for amateur and professional musicians, musical teachers and almost everybody who is interested in making or analyzing music.

With WIDI you can:

New in WIDI 4.6:

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WIDI Recognition System is available in Professional and Standard editions. Trial versions are available for free.

WIDI Recognition System Professional

Download free trial:

WIDI Professional includes the unique TrueTone Editor for music visualization and transcription error corrections:

WIDI Recognition System is available for Windows and macOS.

WIDI Recognition System Standard

Download free trial:

WIDI Recognition System Standard is a stripped-down version of WIDI Professional. It contains absolutely the same transcription algorithms, but the TrueTone editor is removed.

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