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This page contains a collection of recognition presets for WIDI Recognition System. Preset file stores all recognition parameter values, including the one for Equalizer. Preset file has .wset extension and can be loaded into WIDI using Import button on the Recognition Settings dialog. More detailed information is available in help file.

Each preset file listed was designed to best fit particular music type. Optimal settings differs with musical genre, number of voices, music complexity, recording quality etc. Also, different settings are necessary for extracting single line from composition (say, bass line or drum track) and to extract all voices.

Presets has backward compatibility. WIDI 3 presets can be imported into WIDI 4 ("Advanced sensors" algorithm will be chosen), but WIDI 4 presets can't be loaded to WIDI 3

We also invite you to share your own effective settings with us, so that we may add them to our collection.

WIDI 4.x presets
The following presets are included into WIDI 4 package

Preset name Purpose Algorithm
Acoustic Guitar Acoustical guitar recordings, performed without strum chords. Euclid
High-pitched voice Female vocalist recordings. Euclid
Piano Polyphonic piano recordings. Euclid
Rich Harmony Polyphonic performances with chords. The preset allows to avoid rejections of high-pitched notes and overtones. Adv. sensors
Vocal Melodies with vocals. Adv. sensors
Bass Drums Low-tone drum extraction, like cajon or bass drum. Drum detection
High-pitched drums Drum or percussions with majority of high-pitched sounds, like snare or side-stick. Drum detection

Additional presets for WIDI 4.x

Preset name Purpose Algorithm
La-minor piece Musical pieces performed in La-minor. Can be applied to pieces, where tonality is known, but other methods produces too much waste off-scale notes. Euclid
Tonality detection Two-pass transcription, first one detects tonality, on the second major scale mask is applied to improve accuracy. Euclid
Drums separation Pure drum track recognition, separates drum types to different tracks. Drum detection

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Presets for WIDI Recognition System - a WAVE to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI, CD to MIDI and Audio to MIDI converter.