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Able MIDI Editor

Inexpensive and simple piano-roll MIDI Editor for Windows.

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Able MIDI Editor is a music Editor for Windows. It enables you to compose and edit music in MIDI form. The Editor is designed similarly to a Piano Roll, the time axis is located horizontally, and different positions on the vertical line correspond to different pitches.

With Able MIDI Editor, you can place and remove musical notes, adjust the pitch and duration of notes, and playback results. The Editor also lets you arrange bar-lines manually or by ear with the Tapping Tool. The Editor also supports multi-track MIDI files and allow multiple note selection and editing based on filters.

Able MIDI Editor's unique feature is the ability of precise bar-line arrangement. Most of the piano-roll editors have a regular bar grid, and it may lead to a hardly printable notation if live keyboard playing is recorded against such grid. If you quantize your recorded notes based on the uniform grid, you will get an unnatural "mechanical" strict tempo. Able MIDI Editor allows you to place bar-lines at arbitrary time moments so that notes look quantized and the score is readable, but the sound of the piece is not altered. Bar-lines can be moved either manually or by "Tapping tool". This might be very useful when preparing data recorded with a MIDI Keyboard for score printing.

Multiple Selection lets you select any group of notes and adjust their attributes all at once. Notes are selected according to standard Windows rules; thus it is possible to add notes one-by-one to those already selected and use the cursor to select a section of the Editing Area. There is also Note Filter that allows extracting notes based on duration, volume, pitch or other criteria.

Able MIDI Editor does not support controllers, pedals or other sophisticated MIDI file features.

See also online Able MIDI Editor documentation.

The trial version id free to download. It is limited to 30s MIDI files only. Order Able MIDI Editor to remove this restriction.

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Able MIDI Editor is a piano-roll MIDI Editor with precise bar-line arrangement function.