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Main Page

Main page allows to set up general recognition settings. To open this page, use main button on the top of the window.


poly sets Polyphony parameter. It allows you to control the number of voices it the output MIDI file. Three approximate gradations are indicated under the slider: "high", "med" and "low". If polyphony is low, only the loudest notes sounding at the moment are accepted. Higher values increase number of simultaneous notes.

sets Sensitivity parameter. Sets a volume threshold - all notes quieter than Sensitivity value are rejected during recognition.

determines Velocity parameter. Specifies a velocity of MIDI notes. Realtime recognition does not allow to determine notes velocity, therefore it should be set manually.

midi file  
recordbuttonRecord – turns on MIDI recording
stopbuttonStop – stops MIDI recording
savebuttonSave – saves recorded MIDI to a file.

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