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Launching WIDI AU Digital Performer

Digital Performer is an integrated MIDI and audio sequencer from MOTU, Inc (www.motu.com).

Step-by-step instructions:  

1. Via "Project"->"Soundbites" menu item open Soundbites window.
2. Open an audio file you are going to transcribe - drag it from the Finder window and drop it to Soundbites or use the I button on the Soundbites toolbar.
3. Create audio track, turn on Sequence view and drag and drop audio from Soundbites window into the track (note that you should match the number of channels. Mono recording requires mono track, and stereo recording requires a stereo one):
4. Choose the Mixer view and select Audio To MIDI AU in the audio track insert list:
5. In the WIDI AU window choose the option page, turn on midi to midi out option and select IAC Driver Bus as output.
6. Add MIDI track (or use existing one) and turn on Enable Recording:
7. Press Record to start recording MIDI to selected track.

You may also need to tune Recognition Parameters to achieve the best results.
You can also record MIDI events to a MIDI file with a built-in MIDI recorder. See routing MIDI for details.

Note: In this instruction it is supposed that Apple IAC Driver is activated on your system. If it is not true, refer to routing MIDI on how to activate it.

Note: In Digital Performer 5 you need to set Always Run in Real-time option, otherwise Audio To MIDI AU will pre render audio and begin sending midi as soon as the plugin window is closed:

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