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WIDI Audio To MIDI Audio Unit allows to recognize polyphonic Audio tracks into MIDI data. With WIDI AU you can:

·Get MIDI representation of Audio recording for further editing  
·Use any music instrument to control your MIDI synthesizer in realtime  
·Detect chords in realtime  
·Synchronize your MIDI equipment with specific Audio events  
·Add MIDI-driven effects as you play a music instrument  


See also about Audio to MIDI Conversion and complete list of features.

WIDI AU is an Audio Unit module. It and can be used with almost any AU-compatible software, such as Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, GarageBand, Plogue Bidule, and others. WIDI AU cannot be used as a stand-alone application, there is other software from WIDISOFT that does Audio To MIDI conversion directly.

WIDI Audio To MIDI Audio Unit is available for Mac OS X, running both on Intel and PPC processors..

The similar module is also available as a VST plugin for Windows and MacOS X.

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