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Able MIDI Editor possesses a wide range of capabilities for editing musical notes. You may adjust the start-time, pitch and duration in visual mode, moving notes about and changing their size. You can change the musical instrument being used, the loudness, and other note attributes using the Note Properties dialog.

Multiple Selection lets you select any group of notes and adjust their attributes all at once; this can greatly simplify the tasks of breaking-down the received musical piece into voices, changing the musical instrument being used, and adjusting the loudness of the entire piece or of individual sections, as well as other tasks. Notes are selected according to standard Windows rules; thus it is possible to add notes one-by-one to those already selected, and use the cursor to select a section of the Editing Area. Not only this, the Editor lets you select all notes lying within a defined time or frequency range, by choosing a section of the Time-Ruler or piano keyboard.

In addition to changing attributes, you can perform other standard operations with the selected notes, such as cutting, copying, and deleting. Plus, an entire selection of notes can be temporarily muted, enabling you to listen to a musical piece without these notes – and without having to delete them. All performed actions can be cancelled using the Undo function, or repeated using the Redo function; there is no limit to the number of cancelled or repeated actions possible.

A group of notes may be selected using more complex conditions; for this the Note Filter is used. This tool lets you provide ranges for changing any note attributes, and notes satisfying these conditions will be selected. With this it is possible, for example, to adjust the maximum difference in note loudness in a musical piece, remove notes that are too short or too quiet, and carry out other global operations on the entire piece.

The operation of a selection is customizable; the Focusing tab of Able MIDI Editor Options dialog lets you change the style of operation of the Editor with regards to the Focusing, Undo and Redo actions.

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