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Menu Reference
For your convenience we have provided here a full list of Able MIDI Editor menu commands:

      New... - Create New file.
      Open... - Open MIDI or Note Editor file.
      Save - Save current file.
      Save as... - Save file with a different name.
      Close - Close current file.
      Reopen - Reopen recently opened files.
      Exit - Exit Able MIDI Editor.

      Cut – Cut selected notes.
      Copy – Copy selected notes to buffer.
      Paste – Paste buffer contents to the top of the screen.

      Undo – Cancel last action. The number of prior actions that can be cancelled is unlimited.      
      Redo – Repeat cancelled action.
      Delete – Delete selected notes.
      Mute or Unmute – mute or give sound to selected notes.
      Transpose – Transpose selected notes.

      Note Properties - Bring up the Note Properties dialog for selected notes.
      Default Note Properties - Bring up the New Note Properties dialog.

      Time Ruler - Display Time Ruler.
      Note Map – Display Note Map.
      Track Editor – Display Track Editor.
      Show Bar Grid – Enable Show Bar-Lines mode.
      Show Bars on Time Ruler – Toggle the Ruler between Time and Bar Number.

      Make All Notes Visible – Make all hidden notes visible.

      Zoom In – Increase the scale of the image in both dimensions.
      Zoom Out - Decrease the scale of the image in both dimensions.
      Default Scale - Set a default value for the scale.

      Edit Tool – Use this tool for editing.
      Delete Tool – Use this tool for deleting notes.
      New Note Tool – Use this tool for creating new notes.
      Play Tool - Use this tool to play current notes.

      Tapping Tool – Bring up the Tapping Tool for arrangement of bar-lines.

      Glue Note Mode – Enable Glue Note mode. In this mode overlapping notes are merged into one.

      Select – Bring up the Note Filter dialog in Selection mode.
      Add to Selection - Bring up the Note Filter dialog in Add to Selection mode.
      Narrow Selection - Bring up the Note Filter dialog in Narrow Selection mode.
      View first selected note - Display the first selected note.
      View last selected note - Display the last selected note.

      Add to Selection Mode – Add new notes to those already selected (this is also accomplished by hitting the Shift key).

      Select All – Select all notes in musical piece.
      Invert Selection – Select all unselected notes and remove the selected notes from those selected.
      Remove Selection – Remove selection from all notes.

      Play All – Play entire musical piece.
      Play Screen – Play all of the musical piece visible in the Editing Area.
      Play Selection – Play all selected notes.
      Stop – Stop play.

      MIDI – set MIDI only playing mode.
      MIDI Slow – set MIDI to play at a reduced tempo.

      Loop Playback – Play again after reaching the end.

      Edit MIDI File Properties... – Open the MIDI File Properties dialog.
      Set Length of Piece – Set the length of musical piece. With decreasing the length some notes may be lost.
      General Options – Bring up the Options dialog.
      Customize Main Toolbar... - Customize buttons on the Main Window toolbar
      Customize Editor Toolbars... - Customize buttons on the Able MIDI Editor toolbars
      Customize Editor Colors... - Bring up the Editor Color Settings dialog.

      Arrange - Custom arrange windows

      Cascade - Cascade windows
      Tile - Tile windows
      Arrange Icons - Arrange icons of minimized windows
      Minimize All - Minimize all windows

      About - Show About dialog
      Help Topics - Open Help Contents
      Features - Open Features topic in Help

      Web Site - Launch WIDISOFT Web Site in default browser
      Online User Forum - Launch WIDISOFT User Forum
in default browser

      Register Online - Launch Able MIDI Editor Order Page

      Enter Code - Enter registration code
      Registration Info - Show User registration information

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