Score viewer is a part of TrueTone Editor that displays MIDI notes as musical score. By default, score viewer is below the editing area.



Dotted line at the left part of score viewer divides drawing area from the clef area. If  the score viewer is placed above or below editing area, it is exactly synchronized to the Editing Area.


Horizontal zoom of both score and piano-roll view are controlled by and buttons at the bottom of the window.

Size of Score Editor font is controlled by and buttons at the right edge of the window.

Default zoom button affects piano-roll editor and horizontal scale of the score viewer, it does not affect Score Editor font size.


Context menu



Vertical Zoom In - increases notes size.

Vertical Zoom Out - decreases notes size.

Vertical Zoom Reset - sets default notes size.


Ignore Durations - draws all notes as quarter notes, ignoring durations. This may help if there are too many notes on the screen.

Default Note Durations - when selected, bar-lines are ignored. Note durations are calculated based on the tempo value set in MIDI File Properties.

Show Selection Only - hides from stave all notes except selected.


Score Viewer appearance can be controlled with Staff tab of TrueTone Editor Options.

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