Note Properties

Note Properties Dialog sets properties for a particular note.



Time is absolute note start time from the very beginning of the piece. It is measured in seconds.

Key is the pitch of the note. WIDI works in enharmonic scale, use corresponding sharp keys instead of flat ones (for example, use "C#" for "Db"). Note: WIDI octave number corresponds to MIDI octave plus 3.

Vel is MIDI velocity (volume) of corresponding note.

Chnl is MIDI channel that is used to play back this note. Only one music instrument can be assigned to one channel at a moment, and simultaneous notes played by different instruments may lead to undesirable results. 10th channel is usually treated as percussion. Generally, it is not recommended to use more than 16 channels.

Dur is the note duration in seconds.

Trk is a track number. Tracks are used for grouping different composition parts and do not affect sounding.

GM Patch (Instrument) is music instrument that is used to play back the note.

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