Note Filter

The Note Filter dialog allows you to select notes that satisfy defined criteria. The attribute is chosen by flagging the corresponding check-box. You may indicate more than one attribute in your selection.


The Note Filter is brought up by clicking on the Select button on the Selection Tool Panel, or by selecting the menu item "Selection->Select...".





The left column of check-boxes forces you to verify the following properties:

Time - Sets the time range of sounded notes.

Key - Sets the range by pitch of the tone.

Channel - Sets MIDI channels.

Volume - Sets the note loudness.

Duration - Sets the note duration.

Track - Sets the number of the MIDI track.

Patch - Sets the musical instrument.


The ranges of values satisfying the specified conditions are indicated to the right (for all attributes except Patch): the lower limit of the range is indicated in the From field, and the upper limit in the To field.

The flag Not allow you to invert this condition, that is, all notes except for the ones with an attribute falling within the selected range will meet this condition.




Select - Allows you to select notes satisfying specific conditions; with this option previously selected notes are cancelled.

Add to Selection - Adds those notes which satisfy your conditions to previously selected notes.

Narrow - Provides the ability to leave, among all those notes already selected, only those that satisfy the specified conditions.


Focus on Selected Notes - Automatically establishes a visual area at the start or end of a selection – depending on the set-up of the TrueTone Editor Options dialog.


The Presets field lets you save filter settings for re-use. The setup file of the filter note dialog possesses a .wnef file extension. Further details regarding use of the set-up files can be found in the section entitled Saving Settings.

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