Editing Area

The design of the Editor is based on the principles of a Piano Roll, i.e. the time axis is positioned horizontally, and different points on the vertical line correspond to different pitches. The Main Window combines the spectrogram of the initial musical piece and the recognized notes. This way TrueTone Editor enables visual comparison of spectrogram peaks (reflected by color) and notes. The upper Ruler displays time marks (in seconds), and the bottom line represents MIDI parameters of the current or selected note. TrueTone Editor also permits editing of a single MIDI file without the spectrogram ("MIDI only mode").


In the diagram, a section of the spectrogram can be seen in which two notes are displayed, the first of which possesses the clearly visible spectrum structure. The lower peak corresponds to the main tone, and the two upper peaks, standing an octave apart, correspond to overtones.


The Editor lets you edit notes visually, adjusting their pitch, duration and the moment of sound initiation. The style of operation of the Editor depends upon the editing tools selected.


Context menu of the Editing Area



Cut - Cuts selected notes.  

Copy - Copies selected notes.  

Paste - Pastes buffer contents at the beginning of the Editing Area displayed in the window.


Undo – Cancels prior operations sequentially.  

Redo – Repeats cancelled operations sequentially.  


Cursor Ruler - Turns on cross with rulers attached to the cursor. Small horizontal lines upper on the cross show notes that are possible overtones of the selected pitch - they are used to check for overtones easily.




Arrange - align selected notes.

       Align Onsets Left - align selected notes to the left. Note durations are not affected.

       Align Ends - align ends of selected notes to the right. Notes staring position are preserved.


Note Properties – Brings up the Note Properties dialog.


Bar Grid – Enables the Show Bar-Lines mode.


Color Settings– Brings up the Color Settings dialog.

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