Note Naming allows to switch between the two most popular note naming conventions. This point controls whether note 'si' appears as letter H or B in WIDI windows and dialogs. If 'H' is selected, note 'si flat' is named 'B', otherwise note 'si flat' is named 'Bb'.


Device Latency section controls the delay between playback time and audio/MIDI output. Audio delay is controlled with Wave Latency field, MIDI Latency controls the delay of MIDI signal. Calibrate... button invokes Calibrate Delay dialog that allows to measure latency on your system.


Note: Wave and MIDI Latency values control the back shift for Audio and MIDI signal correspondingly. Latency (the delay between the command to play and the moment when sound appears) may significantly depend on your sound card and system speed. Usually, cheap integrated sound cards gives significant MIDI delay about 100 ms. It is recommended to calibrate at least MIDI latency before using WIDI.

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