Menu Reference

Here is a list of Menu Commands for your convenience:


Main Window


               New... - Create new Note Editor instance with empty file

               Open... - Open Audio, MIDI or Note Editor file

               Save - Save current file

               Save as... - Save file with a different name

               Save As MIDI - Save TrueTone Editor file as MIDI

               Close - Close current file


               Start Wizard – Launch the Recognition Wizard.

               Batch Convert - Launch Batch Convert module.


               Record Wave - Record a new Wave

               Realtime Recognition - Invoke Realtime Module


               Reopen - Reopen recently opened files


               Exit - Exit WIDI



               Recognition Settings... - Set up Recognition Settings

               Adjust Equalizer - Show Equalizer window

               Show Windows Mixer - Invoke Windows Mixer


               General Options... - Show General Options Dialog

               TrueTone Editor Options... - Set up TrueTone Editor options


               Languages... - Invoke Language Manager.


               Customize Main Toolbar... - Customize buttons on the Main Window toolbar



               Arrange - Custom arrange windows


               Cascade - Cascade windows

               Tile - Tile windows

               Arrange Icons - Arrange icons of minimized windows

               Minimize All - Minimize all windows



               Help Topics - Open Help Contents

               Features - Open Features topic in Help

               Quick Start - Open Quick Start topic in Help


               Web Site - Launch WIDI Web Site in default browser

               Online FAQ - Launch Online WIDI FAQ in default browser

               Online User Forum - Launch WIDI User Forum in default browser


               Register Online - Launch WIDI Order Page

               Enter Code - Enter registration code

               Registration Info - Show User registration information


               About - Show About dialog


TrueTone Editor

               The TrueTone Editor menu reference is the overview of the TrueTone Editor menu .


Wave Window


               Transcribe into MIDI - Start recognition (transcription) of the original composition


MIDI Window


               Invoke Note Editor - Edit MIDI data in TrueTone Editor (Professional only)


               Transpose – Transpose all notes up or down

               Set Instrument… – Indicate the musical instrument with which to play the MIDI composition.



               Edit MIDI File Properties… – Open MIDI File Properties dialog.


               Associate with Audio… – Indicate the audio file from which the given MIDI composition was received.

               Open Associated Audio – Open the audio file associated with the given MIDI composition.

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