Main Window

Main Window is a parent of all other WIDI windows and it serves as a workplace for all WIDI modules. It also contains shortcuts to functions which are either universal or common for many WIDI child windows. See Menu Reference for a complete list of menu commands.



Most of WIDI functions are accessible with the toolbar:

Open button opens new files. Scroll the filter list in the open dialog to open different types of files.

Close button closes a currently active file window.

Save button saves a currently active file.

Record Wave button invokes the Wave Recorder module, where you can record new wave files.

Realtime button launches a Realtime Module that performs Realtime Recognition.

Options shows the Options Dialog, where you can customize different program options.

Settings  shows Recognition Settings Dialog, where you can set up the recognition parameters.

Equalizer invokes the Equalizer, which purpose is to filter out the unwanted pitch ranges during the recognition process.

Windows Mixer calls standard Windows Mixer.

Arrange arranges all child windows in a special way.


Small image in the status line serves as a reminder of a currently used Equalizer settings and can be used for calling up the Equalizer.

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