Keyboard Reference

Here is a list of Keyboard and Mouse Commands for your convenience:


Main Window

       Ctrl+O - Open a file

       Ctrl+S - Save current file

       Ctrl+R - Record a new Wave

       Ctrl+T - Start RealTime Module

       Ctrl+Q - Exit WIDI

       Ctrl+W - Arrange windows

       F1 - Help Topics


TrueTone Editor

       See TrueTone Editor Keyboard Reference


Wave Window

       Space Bar - Play Back/Stop

       Ctrl+Enter - Transcribe the selection


MIDI Window

       Space Bar - Play Back/Stop

       Ctrl+Enter - Invoke Note Editor



       Double Click keyboard note - Set it to 0% or to 100%

       Shift+Click keyboard note - Play it


Wave Recorder

       "R" - Start/stop recording


Realtime Module

       "A" - Auto recording

       "R" - Start/stop recording

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