The purpose of Equalizer is to let you determine the relative volumes of different pitches or to filter out some pitch ranges. See Setting Equalizer for details.

To bring up the Equalizer window, use "Options->Show Equalizer" menu item or the Equalizer button on the toolbar. You can also use the diminished picture of the Equalizer in the right-bottom corner of WIDI window. Click on it to bring up the Equalizer .


Equalizer has two tabs:




Pitch Tab

- controls level of particular pitches or pitch ranges.

Scale Mask Tab

- controls level of musical scale degrees .




On Top checkbox specifies whether you want the Equalizer to be on top of all other WIDI windows.


OK button confirms changes, Cancel cancels them. Default sets Equalizer parameters to default values, Help invokes context help.


Presets frame allows you to save and load Equalizer presets.  For further details see Saving Settings.

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