Entering Registration Code

Usually you get you registration code via email. It consists of two strings - user name and code itself. It looks approximately like this:


Regname: John Smith

Regcode: 56g6-3w43545bjweojlzFtSeklf7xFb7MU4


Note: This is not a valid registration code, and code format may differ.


You should copy the registration code to WIDI Recognition System.  Start WIDI and then press Enter Code button. Use "copy-paste" from the letter you've got - you should enter exactly the same name and code. Also, make sure that you do not enter any additional space symbols before and after the registration code and your name:




After filling in the code and name restart WIDI. Registration allows saving produced MIDI files without limitation on their length and removes the startup banner. To make sure you have successfully registered WIDI choose "Help->Register!" menu item after restarting. Inthe  registered version "Already Registered" message box should appear.

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