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Author MIDI Conversion Experiment: WIDI > GP5

Joined: Apr 30, 2008
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From: Seattle, WA
Posted: 2008-04-30 02:04   
I'm trying to do some transcription from a song (somewhat standard rock song) and rip the song to MIDI using WIDI, then saving the rip to a midi file and importing it into Guitar Pro 5 - which is a neat transcription editor that also does RSE to depict multiple instruments during playback. IF this works, it would be huge in terms of validating the quality of the conversion, and the usefulness of this tool would be immeasurable (to me, anyhow).

Ripping the .wav to MIDI was easy enough - although 10s sample doesn;t really do the tool evaluation justice.

Now, I realize this is incredibly complex in terms of the technology in play to make this a possibility within WIDI > however, that being said, my first attempts were promising, but too complex for the MIDI created by the WIDI rip of the wav file - the reason being that WIDI doesn;t distinguish tracks (i.e. guitar vs. bass vs. drums) or does it? From reading some of thre setup options, it looks like this is "in-scope" - it just doesn't work very well for me. Is this a known limitation?

I get a MIDI file converted from my rock song, but upon importing it into GP5 it's like one big huge piano roll - it imports into 9 separate tracks - none of which make any musical sense. There's no chord shapes, just a series of disconnected music notes playing across the 9 tracks. Thoughts?

Is it possible for me to isolate a particular instrument and capture only those frequency responses associated? - or perhap someting else like instead of recognizing, limiting frequencies to a certian range to perform a process of elimination to get to the tones that you actually want.

Has anyone experimented with this? Wold be wonderful to get some interest as I think there's definitely a solution to be had with thse two programs.

Regards /ZT

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