About WIDISOFT Company

The first version of WIDI, called "Music Recognition 1.8", was released in 1998. It was basically a console application for DOS. It did not contain file playback, equalizer, and much more. A year later a version 2.0 was released, and Windows interface and equalizer were added.


Step by step, the program was getting developed, new features and enhancements were added. Version 2.7, released in 2001, contained various possibilities for adjusting the recognition parameters, synchronized playback, multi-window interface and a lot more.


At the present moment, WIDISOFT is developing leading music recognition software. We are actively pursuing both further studying in the sphere of recognition algorithms and developing user characteristics of our program as well as expanding the spectrum of our products to adjacent markets of audio identification and music retrieval.


WIDISOFT is located in Moscow, Russia.

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