Wave Recording

WIDI contains a simple built-in Wave Recorder. It allows you to record sound either from a microphone or any other sound source.


Wave Recorder includes the following features:


Ability to save uncompressed Wave files of unlimited length.
Waves can be recorded both in mono and in stereo mode.
Sampling frequency can be 22050, 44100 or 48000 Hz.
Sample resolution is 16 bit.
You can watch the sound level as you record.
Recording can be performed from any Wave In device  (see Setting Devices for details on how to choose it).


You can record sound either to a temporary file or to a final file you choose, see Temporary File Settings for details.


If you intend to use the recorded file only in the current version of WIDI, there is no need to record it with quality higher than 16 bit stereo 22050Hz.


To invoke Wave Recorder, click Record Wave on the main window toolbar. To learn how to use Wave Recorder, see Wave Recorder Window for details.

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