Wave Recorder

Wave Recorder is a simple audio recorder. See Wave Recording for the feature list and usage hints.

Wave Recorder can be invoked by selecting "File->Record Wave" menu item or by pressing Record Wave button on the main window toolbar.



Record button starts recording. If you do not use temporary files for recording (see Setting Options), you will be asked for the filename.

Pause  pauses recording process until you press Record again to resume. After resuming, you continue recording the sound from the current position.

Stop stops recording.

Mixer Settings calls Windows Mixer for selecting source and adjusting the recording level.

Samples Per Sec combo box selects sampling frequency of the recorded file.

Channels - selects between mono and stereo recording.

Level bars - allows you to see sound level while recording to adjust recording level.

Level checkbox turns meter bars on or off.  Often no other application can record a sound when it is checked.

Help button brings up this page of help file.

Done button closes Wave Recorder and loads the recorded wave into Wave Window.

Cancel aborts the recording. If you have recorded sound into a temporary file, it will be deleted.


Note: If you intend to use recorded file only in the current version of WIDI, there is no need to record it with quality higher than 16 bit stereo 22050Hz.


















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