Upgrade Information

We guarantee free upgrades for all users during 6-month period after registration or up to the next version if no version is released in 6-month period. Usually we also offer discounts for users of older WIDI versions.


Upgrade policy for WIDI 4.4:


Keys for WIDI 4.1 for Windows are compatible with WIDI 4.3 for Windows.
All users who bought WIDI 4.x can upgrade for free to the same edition of WIDI 4.4. Proceed to http://upgrade.widisoft.com or send requests to newkey@widisoft.com.
Registered users of older WIDI versions can get discount for purchasing WIDI 4.4.
Registered users of WIDI 4.4 Standard can get discount for WIDI 4.4 Professional.


To get upgrade discount, contact support service at support@widisoft.com, providing your old registration code and order number.


For details, please see http://widisoft.com/english/upgrade.html.

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