Edit – The Edit Tool enables one to visually change the duration, position and pitch of a note, as well as use Multiple Selection.  


Using Edit tool, drag note edge to change note length. Drag the whole note to change note position, you can also move a whole selection this way .


Delete Notes – This tool is designed for deleting musical notes. Press left mouse button and move the cursor above notes to remove them.


Create Notes – New notes can be created with this tool. Press left mouse button at the note onset and draw the note. Properties of these notes can be modified using the New Note Properties dialog. Selection is disabled when using this tool.


Play Tool - This tools allows playback of all notes below the cursor. Keep left mouse button down and move the vertical cursor over notes.



Merge Notes - This tool enables note gluing. In this mode overlapping notes are merged on move. The resulting note is assigned the loudness of the higher of the two notes; other attributes are taken from the note that was moved.



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