Play - Starts playback.

Stop - Stops playback.


Playback Area - Determines what region to play:

  Play To End - Selects playback from current position until the piece end.

  Play All - Enables playback of the entire musical piece.

  Play Screen - Selects playback of all notes visible in the main area of the Note Editor (notes above and below the visible area are also played).

  Play Selection - Selects playback of all selected notes.


Playback Mode – Lets you choose one of the following play modes:

        MIDI - Enables the "MIDI only" mode.

        Audio - Enables the "Audio only" mode.

        Audio + MIDI - Enables the synchronized MIDI and Audio play mode.

        MIDI Slow - Enables the MIDI slow playback mode. Playback speed is specified in the TrueTone Editor Options, it is 50% by default.

Record - Records MIDI data from external MIDI device such as MIDI Keyboard.



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