The Tapping tool lets you arrange bar lines by ear.

The Tapping Dialog is brought up by clicking on the Tapping button on the Misc Tool Panel or by selecting the menu item "Tool->Tapping Tool".




Audio – Selects Audio for playing back during tapping.

MIDI at - Selects MIDI for playing back during tapping. Playback tempo is set in the spin edit.


Start - Launches play.

Stop - Stops play.

Reset - Restores tapping start position. It is useful when you need to re-tap the same part of piece once more.

Help - Opens current help page.

Close - Closes Tapping Tool.


Use any key to place bars during playback.


Show position - Enables play position indicator. This setting could be cleared for slower computers.

Latency... opens Misc tab of Options dialog, where MIDI and Audio device latency can be detected or set manually.

Note: It is important to set up latency before tapping.


Read more about placing bar lines in Bar Lines topic.

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