Staff Tab



Controls clef type to be shown in the Score Viewer.

Treble - Show only treble clef.

Bass - Show only bass clef.

Both - Show both bass and treble clef.



Controls the position of score viewer. It takes effect after pressing OK button.

Up - Score Viewer is above editing area.

Down - Score Viewer is below editing area.

Floating - Score editor is in a separate floating window.



Controls what elements are shown on the staves.

Accolade - Controls accolade visibility.

Key - Shows or hides key signs.

Clef - Toggles clef visibility.

Meter - Controls whether the meter is indicated or not.

Notes on Channel 10 - Controls whether drum notes are visible in the score viewer. All notes played on channel 10 are considered drums by default, and TrueTone Score viewer displays all such notes with cross heads.


Shown Note Values

Short notes are rounded up to the value specified in Short notes shown as control.

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