General Tab

Visual Appearance

Large Icons - Controls the size of icons on Tool Panel buttons.  

Show Spectral Background - Turns Spectral Background on or off.

Thick Note Border - Widens note border to make notes more visible.

Show Note Captions - Displays note name and velocity bar in front of every note.


Show Bar Grid - Enables bar line display in the editing area.  

Show Bars on Time-Ruler - Shows bar numbers on the upper Ruler.

Hide Empty Tracks - Hides tracks containing no notes from the Track Editor.



Add new notes to Selection - newly selected notes are appended to already selected ones.

Replace Selection - newly selected notes replace previous selection.

Note. Whenever the "Shift" key is pressed, the selection mode is inverted.



If Edit Notes on Double Click is turned on, double-clicking a single note or any note among selected invokes Note Properties dialog.


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