Focusing Tab


Undo and Redo operations

Focus on Undo and Redo - If on, Editing Area shows the place where changes have occurred upon completion of these operations.

Focus Before Executing Operation - Forces the Editor to perform an operation in two steps. At first the area which is to be modified is indicated, and by clicking on the button a second time the actual operation is implemented.


Focus on what part of Selection

This toggle controls Focusing if the selected fragment is larger than the display area. The Selection Start position forces the Editor to focus on the first note of the selected group, and Selection Center focuses the Editor on the middle of the group.



Focus on Cut - Forces the Editor to refocus on that point where cutting is occurring.

Focus on Multiple Selection - Controls whether the Editor will focus when notes group was selected with Note Filter.


Note: Focusing upon selection will not occur if at least one of the selected notes is visible in the Editing Area.

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