Main Window

The Main Window of the TrueTone Editor is composed of several areas. By default the Editor appears in the following way:



Editing Area is the piano-roll, the main part of the Editor, designed for the visual editing of musical notes. Notes are placed above the spectrogram of original audio recording. See Editing Area.

Score Viewer previews notes as scores on the stave. See Score Viewer.

Note Map displays the complete musical piece and allows you to display any part in the Editing Area. See Note Map.

Track Editor is a tool enabling you to edit MIDI data by track. It can also be useful for dividing MIDI files into parts. See Track Editor.

Status Line displays attributes of note under the cursor is at a given moment; in the absence of note under the cursor, Status Line displays the attributes of a selected note as in the Note Properties dialog. In addition, the number of notes selected at the moment is indicated on the right.

Ruler displays Time scale and Bar Numbers. See Ruler.


The Toolbar Panel is made up of several separate panels, corresponding to the primary functions of the Editor:

 Tool lets you select a tool for visual editing.  

 Edit contains buttons for working with the note buffer and undo operations.

 Selection controls modes and methods of note selection.

 Playback lets you play the MIDI and original file in various ways.  

 View controls the display scale of the spectrogram and notes in the Editing Area.  

 Misc contains buttons for bringing up additional functions.  


You can customize the Note Editor interface according to your own preferences, including changing the positioning of the Tool Panel and control instruments. You can also change the number of buttons and contents of a group on the Tool Panel using the Context Menu or by selecting the menu item "Options->Customize Editor Toolbars…".

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