Purpose of TrueTone Editor(tm)

TrueTone Editor is a special MIDI file editor, included in the WIDI Professional version. Its concept is to quickly and efficiently correct the results of automatic recognition.


The design of the Editor is based on the principles of a Piano Roll, i.e. time axis is positioned horizontally, and different points on the vertical line correspond to different pitches. The Editing Area combines the spectrogram of the original musical piece and the recognized notes. This way TrueTone Editor enables visual comparison of spectrogram peaks (reflected by color) and notes. Since the maximum values on the spectrogram usually rule correspond to musical notes, this scheme is very convenient for editing recognized files, allowing you to edit recognition results effectively.


Among the basic functions of TrueTone Editor is capability of adding and deleting musical notes, adjusting the pitch and duration of notes, and playing back results - including synchronized play with the original audio file. The Editor also allows you to arrange bar lines manually or by ear with the Tapping Tool. The Editor provides the means for working with tracks with a wide range of possibilities for grouping and combined note editing.


With TrueTone Editor you can also record notes with a MIDI Keyboard, they are added to existing tracks as you play.


Score Viewer is a simple score visualization tool that shows musical score synchronized to the Piano-roll editor. While being not so powerful compared to the professional score publishing software, it is intuitive and helpful. It is tailored for refining recognized files and contains features to simplify note visualization in complicated recognition cases.


TrueTone Editor lets you save your results to a file having a special format (extension .wne), containing both musical notes and spectrogram, and also allows you to export musical notes to a MIDI file.

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