Bar Lines

Basic rhythmic structure of a music piece is constructed of bars. A bar is divided into a number (usually 2, 3, 4 or 6 – depending on the meter) of beats, and generally the strongest beat is the first one in the bar. Time duration of a bar corresponds to the tempo. In live music bars do not have absolutely identical duration, because the tempo always varies to some extent, emphasizing one nuance or another. In musical notation the end of a bar is defined by a bar line. Note designation depends on the arrangement of bar lines and the division of bars into beats. Notes crossing beats or bar lines are often divided into two tied notes.


MIDI supports accurate positioning of bar lines up to a point. This is achieved by the multiple use of the Change Tempo command. Using this technique, one is able to write bar lines to a MIDI file, with certain restrictions*.


It is very important to have bar lines at the correct positions. Usually it is not the case for freshly recognized files, because currently WIDI cannot detect rhythm automatically.


Incorrect Bar Positions

This is how typically a piece with wrong placed bar lines looks like in the TrueTone Editor:


This is how it is displayed by the Noteworthy Composer:


Correct Bar Positions

This is the same piece after correcting bar line positions, no notes were moved:

Here are the same notes in the Noteworthy Composer:


Of course, this score is more accurate and much more readable.


How to position Bar Lines

The TrueTone Editor lets you arrange bar lines in two ways - visually and by ear. You can add, delete and reposition bar lines with the mouse and context menu on the Time Ruler and main Editing Area. This can be convenient when working with a musical piece possessing a complex rhythm. Another way is to use the Tapping Tool that allows you to arrange bar lines by ear, guided by the sound of the recognized MIDI or the original sound. Tapped bars can be also adjusted visually.


TrueTone Editor allows to change beats positions within measures as well. This allows to display performances with fast tempo changes correctly. To move beat positions together with bar lines, move bar lines with the "Shift" button pressed.


TrueTone editor allows to review bars and beats by ear as well with the use of Bar Metronome feature.



*Note: Sections where bars are too long (more than 10 seconds in duration) are, upon export to MIDI, filled by bars of identical length consistent with the tempo value indicated in the MIDI file specifications. Bars that are too short (lasting less than 0.5 seconds) are automatically merged with a neighboring bar.

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