Keyboard Reference

Here is a list of Keyboard Commands available in TrueTone Editor for your convenience:


TrueTone Editor


 Ctrl+E - Select Edit Tool

 Ctrl+D - Select Delete Tool

 Ctrl+N - Select New Note Tool

 Ctrl+G - Switch Glue mode


 Ctrl+B - Show/hide bar lines in editing area


 "=" or Gray Plus - Zoom in

 "-" or Gray Minus - Zoom out

 Num * - Set Default Zoom


 Mouse Wheel - Scroll Left/Right (or Up/Down if used near vertical scrollbar)

 Shift+Mouse Wheel - Scroll Up/Down


 Arrows - Scroll

 Home - Jump to the beginning of the composition

 End - Jump to the end of the composition

 Page Up - Scroll one screen to the left

 Page Down - Scroll one screen to the right


 Shift+Click on note - Add note to selection

 Ctrl+Click note - Play note

 Right Click on note - Note context menu


 Ctrl+X or Shift+Del - Cut notes to clipboard

 Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Ins  - Copy notes to clipboard

 Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins - Paste notes from clipboard


 Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+BS - Undo

 Ctrl+Shift+Z - Redo


 Ctrl+A - Select all

 Ctrl+F - Select by Filter


 Del - Delete selected notes

 Double Click or E - Edit selected notes

 M - (Un)Mute selected notes

 Ctrl+P - New Note properties


 Space Bar - Play the piece using currently selected play mode (Play To End by default)

 Shift+Space - Play selected notes

 Ctrl+Space - Play all the piece

 "`" - Start MIDI Recording


 Ctrl+Shift+A - Select Audio Playback

 Ctrl+Shift+M - Select MIDI Playback

 Ctrl+Shift+C - Select Syncro Playback

 Ctrl+Shift+S - Select slow MIDI playback


 Ctrl+Shift+R - Loop Playback

 Ctrl+Shift+T - Bar Metronome on/off

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