Recognition Settings

Recognition Settings Dialog allows choosing of recognition algorithm and setting various parameters that controls it's work. Adjusting recognition settings is very important for obtaining accurate transcription result.

The dialog can be invoked by pressing the Recognition Settings button or using "Options->Recognition settings" menu item. See Setting Recognition Parameters for general recommendations on algorithm selection and parameter setup.


Recognition Settings Dialog consists of four tabs:




WAVE->Pitch Tab

- selects WAVE->Pitch step algorithms and parameters.

Pitch->MIDI Tab

- selects Pitch->MIDI step algorithms and parameters.

Tuning Tab

- controls tuning determination options.

MIDI Options Tab

- sets MIDI file options for all newly created MIDI files.



OK button confirms changes, Cancel cancels them. Default sets all parameters for all three tabs to default values, Help invokes context help.


Presets section allows you to save and restore all recognition parameters (including Equalizer settings) using .wset files, as well to add settings to presets list. For further details see the section entitled Saving Settings.

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