Drum Detection

When choosing Drum Detection method, the following panel appears:



Drum detection settings dialog can be invoked with the Setup button on the panel.



See Algorithm Selection for more details on the algorithm's parameters.



Detection sensitivity controls the sensitivity of the Drum Detector.

Ignore Velocities checkbox assigns equal velocity for all detected drum notes.



Differentiate instruments by Pitch activates the separation of detection drums by average pitch into three classes: High-pitched, Medium and Bass Drum. Corresponding sections below allows to choose the parameters of each class. When unchecked, only Medium section remains active.


Assign to allows to set MIDI instrument for each class of drums. Click Play to hear the selected instrument.

above and below controls the margins of all the three ranges. All pitches between below and above values are assigned to the Medium range.


Boost increases or decreases velocity of corresponding drum class to the value set.

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