Realtime Recognition

Realtime recognition allows you to capture sound either from a microphone or any other WAVE input device chosen and perform transcription in real-time, with instant MIDI output. You can expect approximately 50-70 ms delay for realtime recognition if your MIDI hardware is fast.


Realtime recognition quality is usually poorer than the quality of pre-recorded audio recognition. Realtime recognition algorithm has no ability to "overview" all the piece at once, and it has to output notes as soon as they appear, not as they end. This makes virtually impossible to determine note volumes and leads to much higher error rate. You should always record a file and recognize it offline unless you really need recognition in realtime.


Realtime recognition feature is useful for replacing instrument when playing or singing live, or to control external devices such as  synthesizer or light show equipment.


Realtime Recognition is performed in following steps:

Start Realtime Module (Click Realtime). Recognition is controlled by Recognize now checkbox, enabled by default.
Play your instrument or sing into the microphone.
Check the input source. You can select input source with Windows Mixer (Click Mixer Settings). See documentation on Windows Mixer on how to do that.
It is better to set input signal level between -20dB and -5dB. Adjust input level with Windows Mixer.
Listen to the MIDI output and track transcribed music visually on the sliding spectrogram. The notes are shown with orange stripes. Corresponding MIDI notes sound immediately as you play or sing to microphone if Play MIDI now checkbox is on.
Adjust Realtime Recognition Settings and Equalizer to get better results. All changes are effected immediately. Sliding spectrogram helps to find optimal values for recognition settings.


If you need to record recognized notes:

Start recording by pressing Record button.
Get the recorded sequence by pressing the Done button. If MIDI Window does not appear, it means that no notes have been recorded.
Save it (Click Save). The trial version allows you to save up to 10 seconds of MIDI.


Recorded notes differ from the ones played in realtime. Before saving a record, note volumes are calculated, and "Minimal Note Duration" setting is applied. The contents of MIDI Options tab also influence saved MIDI file.

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