Quick Start

We recommend that you make use of the Recognition Wizard when first getting acquainted with the program.


To familiarize yourself with WIDI, try to perform the following simple operations. It is important to understand that these steps are usually not enough to get good recognition results, and you will need to know more about WIDI basics before you can utilize its potential.


Recognition of a pre-recorded file

Select a File you want (Click Open).
Click Transcribe and wait for the recognition process to complete.
If you get Composition Analysis Window, just press Close.
Now you can listen to the result (Click Play)
Save it (Click Save). Trial version allows saving up to 10 seconds of MIDI.



Realtime Recognition

Start Realtime Module (Click Realtime)
Play your instrument or sing into the microphone.
Start Windows Mixer (Click Windows Mixer).
Set the recording source and the recording volume so that the "Level" Meter shows a green changing bar. See documentation on Windows Mixer on how to do that.
MIDI notes should sound immediately as you play or sing them.
Start recording by pressing Record button.
Get the recorded sequence by pressing Done button.
Now you can listen to the result (Click Play in the MIDI window)
Save it (Click Save). The trial version allows you to save up to 10 seconds of MIDI.



Using a Professional Version, you can also change the file outcome with the help of TrueTone Editor(tm).


To improve recognition quality and get more from WIDI, refer to these topics:

Common WIDI tasks

Setup Recognition Parameters

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