Precise bar line arrangement described in previous section allows to significantly improve readability of scores created from a MIDI file.


An important step in enhancing score readability is quantization of note beginnings (usually named onsets) and ends.


A fragment before quantization:


The same fragment after quantization of note onsets and ends against eighths:


Before quantization it is necessary to set up bar lines. In the Editing Area, bar lines are indicated by solid lines and beats are indicated by dashed lines.


Usually beats are quarters or eighths, and they can be further divided into sixteenths or even smaller slices. The result segmentation is named metrical grid. Quantization is the process of moving notes edges to the nearest node of the grid.


Quantization can be performed with Quantize Notes dialog. Before opening it, you need to select the notes you plan to quantize. Choose metrical grid step and select what edges will be moved. It is possible to quantize onsets, note ends or both.


Also, the editor provides align operation, accessible with the context menu in the editing area. This function allows to align notes along each other.

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