Processing Tab

When processing WAVE

Auto open TrueTone Editor Professional only invokes TrueTone Editor instead of MIDI window automatically after recognition process completion.

Auto open Composition Analysis invokes Composition Analysis dialog during recognition process.

Note: This checkbox does not control whether composition analysis will be performed, it only controls if the dialog appears during or after recognition process. To turn on tonality analysis use MIDI Options tab, to turn on tuning analysis use Tuning tab of the Recognition Settings dialog.


Temporary Files

Record to Temporary Files makes WIDI use temporary files for recording new Wave. If it is not checked you will be asked for the recorded file name before the recording starts.

Expand Compressed Files to Temporary makes WIDI create a temporary file with decompressed sound when opening MP3 or compressed Wave sounds. This speeds up consecutive recognition iterations.

Grab CD to Temporary Files switches on grabbing CD's first to hard disk for a consecutive access for both playback and recognition purpose.

Directory for Temporary Files - you can select a directory to place the temporary files into.

Remove All deletes all WIDI's temporary files created in temporary folder. Other files in this folder stay untouched.

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