Recognizing Audio files

WIDI is capable of transcribing a pre-recorded audio files in various formats (Wave, MP3, CD Audio, AIFF and some others) . It is also possible to record a new wave file using WIDI Wave Recording tool.


Pre-recorded audio file recognition is performed in several steps:

Load an appropriate source file in WIDI (Click Open) or press Done button in the Wave Recorder window if the source has just been recorded.
Audio file will be displayed in Wave Window. Select the part of the file you want to recognize (by default, the whole file is recognized).
Start recognition (Click Transcribe on the Wave Window).
If you get Composition Analysis Window, you may select appropriate Tonality from the list or just press Close.
Wait for the process to complete.
Listen to results (See MIDI Window for details).
Play with Recognition Settings and Equalizer to achieve better results.
Repeat the previous step, until the results are acceptable or until you prove that the piece is too complicated for automatic recognition.
Professional only Invoke the TrueTone Editor(tm) from MIDI Window and correct all possible errors, using an "interlinear" spectrogram.
Save the results to a MIDI file if you have registered your copy of WIDI software.


Generally recognizing pre-recorded audio yields much better recognition quality than recognition in realtime. There are many parameters that influence the recognition quality, and usually they need to be adjusted several times before the acceptable performance level is reached. WIDI lets you save your recognition settings as presets for further refinement or for later use.


Recognition process requires a lot of computations. It loads CPU hard, and may take a lot of time on slow systems. You can pause (and recall all CPU resources back) or cancel it by pressing the appropriate buttons.

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