MIDI Window

MIDI Windows represent MIDI composition (either in-memory or in a disk file). It also serves as a simple MIDI player. MIDI Window appears automatically after recognition process. You may also load MIDI files from disk. In WIDI Professional recognized MIDI opens in TrueTone editor by default.



Play button plays the composition.

Pause button pauses the playback.

Stop button stops the playback.

Synchro Playback button tries to play back MIDI composition together with a source file, or, if WIDI cannot identify the source, with the currently opened waveform file. Note: for this feature to work correctly calibrate delay first.

Transpose lets you transpose an entire MIDI composition up or down by an arbitrary number of semitones.

Musical Instrument lets you indicate the musical instrument for playing your MIDI composition.

TrueTone Editor button invokes TrueTone Editor for the current MIDI composition. MIDI data is copied to TrueTone Editor and further editing does not affect data in the MIDI Window.  If no corresponding spectral data is found, TrueTone Editor is started in "MIDI only" mode.

MIDI Properties button shows MIDI File Properties dialog for current composition.

Composition Analysis button calls Composition Analysis dialog that shows determined tonality and tuning (if any) and allows you to select another tonality from the list of the most probable ones.


Professional only If you want to edit the composition with all the benefits of TrueTone Editor later, you should invoke TrueTone Editor after recognition and then save the file as a "TrueTone Editor File", containing spectral data in addition to the MIDI notes.

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