Transcribe Audio recordings with WIDI:



Get first result of Audio to MIDI recognition in seconds!
Select and tune up different Recognition Algorithms to get better results.
Recognize Drum Tracks.
Analyse Tonality of any Audio or MIDI file.
Analyse Tuning of any Audio file.
Pro version only Correct Recognition results with the unique TrueTone Editor.



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Recognize Audio in Real Time:



Get MIDI notes as you play your "analog" instrument!
Play recognize MIDI immediately or record to a MIDI file.
Tune up Recognition Parameters for better recognition quality.
See notes on the moving spectra as they appear.


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Pro version only Correct recognition results and create new MIDI Arrangements with TrueTone Editor:



Edit MIDI notes with a powerful Piano Roll editor.
View notes as Score immediately with Score Viewer.
Play or record MIDI notes listening to Audio at the same time.
Position Bar lines either manually or by tapping to get nice looking score.



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There are also smaller features to make your life easier:


Recognition Wizard is to help you start immediately.
Use Wave Recorder to record Audio files directly from WIDI.
Use Batch Convert to recognize many files at once for later examination.

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