Pitch Tab

See Setting Equalizer for common recommendations on how to choose Equalizer settings.


Equalizer Pitch tab shows pitch mask that controls algorithm sensitivity to different pitches. Each bar in the area corresponds to a particular pitch. In Pitch tab area there two masks. Sensitivity to absolute pitches is drawn with light bars. This mask can be edited here - by clicking the area above the keyboard, you set the corresponding note sensitivity to a certain value.

Dark bars represents the mask obtained by multiplying pitch sensitivity to corresponding degree scale sensitivity. For better visibility, the final mask is drawn shifted down.


Degree scale mask can be controlled on Scale Mask tab of Equalizer.



The buttons 0%, 50% and 100% put all bars of the Equalizer to the corresponding position.

Note: Because only relative volumes are used, there is no difference if all values are set to 100% or 50% positions. Use them as an intermediate step of equalizer adjustment.


To play back a particular note, click a corresponding key on the keyboard picture while holding Shift. Double-click on any key on keyboard to set corresponding bar to minimum or maximum.


In the heading you can see pitch and frequency of a selected key, and its relative volume.


Note: WIDI octave number corresponds to MIDI octave plus 2 (i.e. WIDI note C-1 equivalent for MIDI note C-3), first octave starts with WIDI C-3.

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