Editing MIDI

Pro version only


TrueTone Editor is a built-in piano-roll MIDI editor in WIDI Professional. Its primary goal is to help in effective correction of automated transcription inaccuracies, but TrueTone Editor is also capable of many general MIDI editing tasks. With TrueTone you can:


Create or edit MIDI files in an intuitive piano-roll environment.
Record MIDI tracks with a MIDI keyboard.
View MIDI files as notation with the Score Viewer.
Arrange MIDI notes to tracks, reassign instruments and modify other note parameters.
Select notes using complex conditions with Note Filter for further modification.
Create clearly readable scores by adjusting bar lines without changing notes positions.
Analyze both audio spectrogram and any arbitrary MIDI data altogether for educational or research purposes.


Note: TrueTone Editor ignores special MIDI messages such as controller changes or system exclusive messages. Therefore overwriting MIDI files which were created outside WIDI may result in loss of data, so save them to different names instead.


Note: Score Viewer is not intended to replace a professional score editor, and does not follow all musical notation conventions. For example, slurs are not supported.

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