Composition Analysis

Composition Analysis dialog shows results of tonality analysis and tuning detection of the recognized piece, see Tonality Analysis for details. To invoke Composition Analysis dialog, choose "View->Composition Analysis" menu item when MIDI Window or TrueTone Editor window is active, or use button on the child window toolbar.


You can use Composition Analysis window to analyze or set tonality of any MIDI file, not necessary a recognized one.




This section displays the result of tonality detection, allowing to choose a tonality from Probable Tonalities list. The blue bar on the right indicates how good the tonality fits the piece that was analysed. Tonalities are sorted from the most likely to the least likely one.

Accept button sets current tonality of the MIDI piece. Current tonality is indicated under the list.

Analyse button allows to repeat tonality analysis. It is useful when no tonality analysis was performed on the stage of recognition, or if MIDI file was opened.


WIDI analyzes tonality of the piece as a whole. To analyze tonality of a composition part, temporary remove all other notes.


Note: Pressing Analyze button uses only currently existing notes for Tonality Analysis. If the piece was edited heavily, or if the nontrivial Scale Mask was used during recognition, the result may be biased.



Tuning is displayed in this section, measured in cents compared to the Standard European Scale, where first octave La is 440 Hz. If Global Tuning detection was not performed due to active recognition settings, "Tuning info not available" message is displayed.


Close closes the dialog. Help invokes this help page.

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